Tailor Bespoke Jacket

Tailor Bespoke Jacket is our innovative tailoring methods to design a perfect fitting jacket. Opt for it if the ultimate cut jacket is what you desire to wear or your figuration just do not fit well into the ready-mades or MTMs.

To accomplish this, pick your fabric first and then send in all your body measurements and figuration details.

As a reminder to our trademark service, all our products are made direct finish ie. no fitting required!

You may specify the types of finishing to the garment that you want. This may include either the normal fused jacket finishing, the non-fused full hand stitched finishing or the fused hand stitched finishing and others.

Non Fused Stitching

Tailor Bespoke Jacket pic 28

Real Button Holes

Tailor Bespoke Jacket pic 27

Pick and Saddle Stitch

Tailor Bespoke Jacket pic 26