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With our passion, experience and the skills to immediately recognize each body figuration, we are able produce perfecting fitting and balanced suits without undergoing the normal fitting process. This, however, is something which ordinary tailors are struggling to understand.

Sheer Balance is a Top Notched Men’s Online Tailor in Malaysia offering tailoring of jacket or suit via : 1) Size Method, 2) Made To Measure Method and 3) Bespoke Method and other garments as well.


What is meant by perfect balanced jacket?

A perfect balanced jacket is one that has all the sections, the front, back, side boxes and sleeves of the jacket that always maintain their vertical position whatever the body figuration of the wearer may be.

A perfect balanced jacket is one that has all the sections of the jacket that always maintain their vertical position whatever the body figuration of the wearer may be. These 4 parts are the front portion, back portion, side boxes and sleeves. Thus, our sleeves in bespoke tailoring are perfectly constructed. This is the reason for our tagline, Sheer Balance – Men’s Tailoring In A World Of Balance.

Our aims are the making of impeccable and perfect fitting suits at lowly competitive prices. We make sure all cut components of the jacket are well balanced relying on your given body measurements and figuration.

The main section of our online tailor comprises the exclusive bespoke tailoring which deliver balanced suits that allow free unobstructed arm movements, comfortable wearing and superbly great appearance . It is also the distinctive body-wrapped feel that it possesses and the silhouette look it gives.

Then, we have our Best Made To Measure Tailors that innovate and simplify the world renowned Made To Measure (or su misura in Italian) tailoring method into an easy online men’s tailoring.

Here, you are allowed 2 options, to  order a specific Size suit or design a Made To Measure suit. If one of the sizes in the size chart  fits you perfectly , just input the size to us and no other measurements are needed. If however, you are one who always find it difficult to get those lengths right, then let us know those measurements that you want to lengthen or shorten. Here, you are benefiting our MTM services for free as you are paying for the prices of ready-made.

Finally, our EXCLUSIVE AND ECONOMICAL CORPORATE SUITS MAKER offers the most cost saving incentives to tailor corporate uniforms.