MTM Tailors

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MTM Tailors

Our MTM Tailors or Made To Measure Tailors innovate and simplify the world renowned Made To Measure (or su misura in Italian) tailoring method into an easy online men’s tailoring.

The uniqueness of our MTM Tailors here is there is No Requirements To Do Fitting for all our suiting works.   This is to say, we are able produce perfecting fitting and balanced suits without undergoing the normal fitting process.

Like the normal Made To Measure we rely on a standard-sized pattern and then make some alterations, normally, lengthwise adjustments such as jacket and sleeve lengths and only a fraction of the shoulder length.

At Sheer Balance,  you are allowed 2 options, to  order a specific Size suit or design a Made To Measure suit. If one of the sizes in the size chart  fits you perfectly , just input the size to us and no other measurements are needed. If however, you are one who always find it difficult to get those lengths right, then let us know those measurements that you want to lengthen or shorten. Here, you are benefiting our MTM services for free as you are paying for the prices of ready-made.

You may specify the types of finishing to the garment that you want.  This may include either the normal fused vest finishing, the non-fused full hand stitched finishing or the fused hand stitched finishing.

Taking Made To Measure Measurements

The shoulder length is the length between the ends of the shoulder at the lowest part of the shoulder seam. You must get an assistant to measure the shoulders of the jacket while you are trying one on. Try until you find the right length that fits you the best.  Do not measure directly from your body as certain figuration may easily confuse your measurement taking.

Follow our simple steps of taking your own measurements and noting of your own body figuration.

By carefully filling out our work sheets, you are benefiting  our online MTM tailors services for products that are depended on highly skilled workers at tremendously high costs. Your suits are tailored by our master tailors using expert craftsmanship and precise finishing.

Paper patterns are stored for future reference or repeat orders.

Taking MTM Measurements

MTM by Sheer Balance