There are basically 3 main categories of jacket size charts found internationally.

Knowing one’s size from the jacket size charts requires him to know his own chest size and height. Each letter L, R, and C denotes a particular jacket size category where L stands for Long Cutting range, R for Regular Cutting range and C for Short Cutting range.  A C50 size means the jacket is meant for someone with chest size 40″ and it is of the C short-cutting range. Note that in the ready-made market, suits from a particular brand may differ slightly in measurements and figuration cutting compared to another brand.

Finding one’s right size can be at times very easy and straight forward. Other times, it can be very frustrating and taking up too much time.  Understanding how a garment is usually cut will make life a little bit easier.

For most ready made jackets or suits, they are normally cut with these characteristics:

1. Normal Forward Head
2. Fairly Straight Body Posture
3. Normal Shoulder Slope
4. Normal Body Measurements

So, if your own body figuration is way out of the above list, you may consider a bespoke tailoring.

SIZE – If one of the sizes in the Jacket Size Chart fits you perfectly, then you are only required to give us that size and no other measurements needed. Each size of any one category is cut and turned into a template based from  a normal body size and figuration.

MTM – At Sheer Balance, Made-To-Measure or MTM is a tailoring method based on normal cutting. The required jacket and sleeve lengths are adjusted according to the customer’s request. So, when one of the  C, R & L standard jacket sizes fits you perfectly ( ok on the shoulders, chest and body) but too short or long on the jacket length and sleeve lengths, then make known to us your required individual measurements.  You will stand to gain from our made-to-measure service as the jackets or suits are charged at the same price as the ready-made ones.

Short Cutting Range Jacket Size Chart

Short Cutting Range Jacket Size Chart of JACKET SIZE CHARTS - CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE

Regular Cutting Range Jacket Size Chart

Regular Cutting Range Jacket Size Chart of JACKET SIZE CHARTS - CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE

Long Cutting Range Jacket Size Chart

Long Cutting Range Jacket Size Chart of JACKET SIZE CHARTS - CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE



Check the guides here to determine your right size.

1.  Chest – This is also the general size of the jacket. Your chosen size must not be smaller than your actual chest size. Get an immediate bigger size if your waist and hip are too tight with the smaller size.
2.  Shoulders – Shoulders length must not be shorter than the value corresponding to the chosen size. Should be the same value or 1cm (1/2 “) wider is alright.
3.  Waist – For each of the waist value stated in the size chart, the blazer will have about 4”allowance all round. Eg. size 50R has 36” for the waist, the made up blazer has 40” all round.
4.  Hip – The all round value of the blazer at the hip section will have an allowance of about 2” than the value in the size chart . If your hip size is bigger than that of the blazer, then you need to get the next bigger size. If you wish to retain the smaller size, you may add to a maximum value of 2” to the hip measurement.

5.  Jacket Length – Add or minus accordingly.
6.  Sleeves Length – Add or minus accordingly.