SML Ready Made Suits

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Made To Measure Suit

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Bespoke Suit

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Fashion Words

Fashion is not just about matching colors. It is also not about brands alone.  You need to know the types of fabric, the fabric grades, their suitability and the contemporary fashion trend.  Then, you need to know what piece of garment is suitable for a specific occasion. Besides these, equipping oneself with the tailoring aspect of it will surely bring out the best in you.

You are able to design personally for yourself and are guided by our collections of formal and fancy designs.

Our design collections are systematically categorized and knowing the fashion terms for what they mean will allow you to understand fashion better. 

We may start explaining the fashion words, Made To Measure and Bespoke. Suits today are produced in 3 distinctive ways coming from the SML ready-to-wear suits, the Made To Measure and the Bespoke. The latter two are tailoring with adjustments rendered. Made To Measure basically has no fitting whereas bespoke has first or baste fitting, 2nd fitting and even 3rd and 4th fittings. The MTM garments are basically made straight to finish relying on the nearest size and made minor adjustments. As there is no fitting, it is imperative to know its limitations. Bespoke will always command a better fit when the customer’s off perfect body figuration requires a few good body fitting renderings.

Sartorial Power and Bespoke are fashion words always associated with tailoring.

When you have decided on the style and design details, just apply them on the Size, Made To Measure or Bespoke service to get your suit done up. Choose the style or design that suit you most, and match it with the right fabric, color, shade and details to create the look that reflects your persona.

Sartorial Power

Sartorial Power is the most sophisticated fashion words associated with men’s fashion.

It is the great feeling or power wear and radiant one feels when wearing a superbly tailored suit combining a lot of factors such such as the finest fabrics, elegence of cut, exquisite styling and craftsmanship.

A Balanced Suit by SHEER BALANCE – Men’s Tailoring In A World Of Balance

Made To Measure (MTM)

In the market today, Made To Measure (su misura in Italian) suits are basically ordered via a single fitting based from the closest standard garment size. The “fitting” given are basically lengthwise adjustments such as jacket and sleeve lengths and only a fraction of the shoulder length. MTM relies on a standard-sized pattern and then make some alteration to it. MTM measurements are stored on a computer and are retrieved easily with the adjustments added.

Bespoke Tailoring

It means a suit is tailored highly personalised or customised to a customer’s specifications. It implies the taking of detailed measurements, fittings, and the drafting of an individually cut paper pattern drafted from scratch for the customer. The fitting procedure here is the contrasting point from the MTM which has only minimal adjustments. The suit will only be permanently made to finished unless a second or more fittings are required. This is to ensure a perfectly made suit is attained. Adjustments are made to achieve the desired silhouette and fit. When the fitting is done, the mocked suit is rippeddown and smoothed out ready to be re-cut by hand where any adjustments are rendered. The customer’s demands and requests are met such as the fabric used, special features, designs, color and embroidery. The hand work or hand stitching, often cited as the benchmark of bespoke still plays amajor role in a bespoke suit making till today. Bespoke suits are expensive and are generally done by highly skilled expert tailors.

Personal Tailoring

Personal Tailoring incorporates your individual taste and feel in your suit making. You design it with the help of your tailor to enhance your personality, spirit and style. It makes you look good and feel fabulous. A menu of personalised options for the customer to choose from provides the customer’s satisfaction. This include the Pick & Saddle Stitch, color of linings, embroidery, button types and etc.

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