Morning Coat

Morning Coat of BLACK OR WHITE TIE

Evening Coat

Evening Coat(White Tie) of BLACK/WHITE TIE AFFAIR

Tuxedo Suit


Black and White Tie


Black/White Tie Affair

A Black/White Tie Affair(Black or White Tie Affair)? It refers to a very formal invitation affair having compulsory to wear a tuxedo suit or an evening coat respectively. This means for an invitation stating “A Black Tie Affair” we wear a tuxedo suit and “A White Tie Affair” we wear a tail coat.

It is always important to take careful note of what is specified of the dress code in your invitation card. Does it just say “formal”, “black tie” or “white tie” affair?

Depending on where or which country you are in, there maybe some variations in wearing anyone of these items. In the West, a “formal” invitation which does not specify black or white tie, wearing a tuxedo is the norm.

A “black tie” dress code is less formal than the “white tie” affair. For the “black tie”you wear a tuxedo and the paraphernalia that goes with it. The jacket may be black or white(ivory) woolen material matching a pair of side braided black trousers. It is also to be worn with a white cotton wing or English collar pleated dinner shirt and a pair of highly polished leather shoes.

Other accessories to be worn include either the gold or mother-of-pearl studs and cuff links for the dinner shirt and an optional silk or linen handkerchief as pocket square in the breast pocket of the jacket.

A “white tie” affair requires a tail coat, specifically the evening coat (or dress coat), together with a white bow tie and a wing collor dinner shirt. All other paraphernalia are similar to those worn for “black tie”. A white vest or a cummerbund completes the “white tie” affair.

A “black and white affair” is on the other hand requires the guests to wear black and white only. Many private social groups held such ‘black & white’ dressy balls and galas as their annual or special affairs. Many have themes and encourage the guests in attendance to wear ‘dressy festive’ black or white ensembles to suit the theme. A tuxedo is not required, nor is a full length gown.